'If we are using Agile we don't need deadlines'

Timings matter more than you think

Early in my career, I was the first one in line against setting deadlines. It was, based on my point of view, a step backwards to waterfall processes. I’ve tried many times to explain that it is against agile, and modern methodologies like Lean Startup. I just to claim that I can only predict the next 2 weeks with a certain degree of accuracy, but don’t ask me beyond that. But, my perspective changed progressively as I was scaling to Product leadership positions, and I realised that I couldn’t be more wrong. 


Opportunities are opportunities just for a period of time, as the circumstances adjust. Your competitive advantage is just competitive for a period of time, as competitors are not static. Investors want to fund your company just within a period of time, as markets evolve.


Still, I’m aware of the hard job of setting any timeline on any innovation.  But the world is dynamic, in constant change. If you are too early or too late, you will fail. Timings are, most of the time, undervalued by Product people. 


You don’t just have to build the right thing and build it right. You have to build it at the right time, too.

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