What does proceed outcomes?

I believe we did a good job moving Product goals from outputs to outcomes. We understood launching is not the end but the beginning. Launching is not equal to success.


Yet, the question that has been stuck in my head is ‘what does proceed outcomes’? This is my thinking: 

  • Achieving outcomes means driving customer behaviours: more usage, more repetition, more time, more determined actions 
  • Unit economics is the ultimate layer of the business: volume, revenue, profit, CAC, CLTV, OPEX, EBITDA 
  • It has to be a positive correlation between outcomes and unit economics

You might achieve outcomes that don’t translate to tangible business impact, or in other words, you are focusing on the wrong outcomes. 


As a Product leader, your work doesn’t end in the outcomes layer. We need to analyse these correlations and adjust strategy. This intersection is key and frequently forgotten.



  • Launching is not a success if nobody uses it 
  • Achieving outcomes is not a success if it is not creating actual business value

Don’t stop in outcomes, keep deepening.

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