'Removing chaos'

Creating chaos

A key skill in Product Management is to navigate through messy situations. We are looked at as the Marie Kondo of the business. ‘Chaos is where great Product Managers shine’.


I bring a radical perspective to the relationship with chaos: Chaos as an ally, a secret weapon.


This is completely the opposite of what PMs are looking for, which is removing chaos. However, I believe creating chaos can be a powerful tool in specific situations if manage properly:

  • Why? Chaos triggers an immediate reaction, pushing from passivity to urgent interest and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • When? When a significant change needs to happen, mobilizing a major audience, like a company pivot or big change in priorities or direction.
  • Where? In fast-moving environments spaces, like startups, where speed is valuable or even necessary to survive.

I’m aware that chaos, in the long run, generates damage if it becomes a constant. Also, it’s not for every company. Yet generating temporary chaos in exceptional moments is effective and justified.


Learn to control chaos.


Proceed with caution.

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