'Just a few more user interviews'

Ship fast, learn faster

This week somebody asked on LinkedIn: ‘How much time would you recommend spending on discovery prior to creating an MVP?’


I’ve also had conversations on ‘how much discovery is the right discovery?’ or, ‘are we over-discovering before launching?’. Actually, I’m guilty of asking the same to the researchers occasionally…


First of all, it is impossible to standardise a pre-MVP discovery timing: For a food delivery app could be days, for a medical software could be months and for a plane could be years. However, it should always be as little as possible.


Secondly, I would like to bring 2 friendly reminders:

  • When you ask these kinds of questions you assume that discovery has an end. It doesn’t. It is a continuous never-ending work.
  • You won’t know the truth until you launch something. You won’t learn much until you ship. Not even reading 100 reports, doing 100 user interviews and a dozen of focus groups.


Ship fast, learn faster.

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