'Product warriors'

Pick your battles

In a parallel universe, Product people are warriors. Perhaps in the metaverse as well. We are in the front row of the battle, but instead of acting on a battlefield, it is on a business field.


Some will say: ‘we collaborate and believe in teamwork’.


This is somewhat true, however, it is not the full picture and it is important to confront the other side. Sometimes we have to ‘fight’, meaning we have to be assertive, act with courage and persistence. Like a warrior. It is another product hat and another strategic scenario to consider.


Although you can’t fight everything and you can’t win everything either. Don’t live in a utopia.  


My advice, pick battles that are worth fighting for. These ones should motivate you, push you to the extreme and trigger you to think differently. 


By the way, fighting doesn’t mean toxic culture or behaving destructively or disrespectfully. Fighting means making sure your voice is heard defending what you believe is the right thing to do.


When is your next battle? Make it count!

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