'Hip hip!'


January is always busy and never easy. Everybody pushes for everything like if they are not fighting now they won’t get anything for the rest of the year. It is also a period where HiPPOs come out of the water…

I would like to bring another thought to the HiPPO thing. Have you asked yourself why they act as they do? I always thought that it was just to justify their paycheck. A little presumptuous from my end to be honest, but when you are frustrated you don’t think clearly, that is exactly when you have bad HiPPO experiences. 


Having conversations with HiPPOs is hard, however, looking in retrospect, I found myself having tough (very tough) but productive encounters. Most of the time they do provide a valid backing to the promoted stuff, and sometimes they bring new context, perspectives and key insights to unseen opportunities. Risk appetites are going to be always high, however, don’t confuse this with ignorance. 


Have I been lucky with my HiPPOs? Maybe. Or, as I grow into leadership positions, do I understand executives (highly related to HiPPOs) better? Probably.


Nevertheless, I truly believe that the Product community exaggerate the HiPPO role, and HiPPOs are not all about arrogance. It’s not about money but viewpoint.


If you spot a HiPPO these days, don’t hide or run, approach it fearlessly and with determination as these debates could be a game-changer if managed properly.

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