'I can’t start without designs'

Red flags in Agile are so obvious but so skipped at the same time

If some engineer says ‘I can’t start without designs’. If some designer says ‘I can’t start without PRD’. Even if some PM says ‘I can’t start without stakeholders requirements’. All these are clear indications of hidden waterfalls.


And this is my unpopular opinion: Scrum is designed to optimise waterfall processes, not to change them. You are just doing waterfall but in shorter times. 


Some time ago I ran into this article about Dual Track Development, which opened my eyes. Basically, it explores a model where you track Discovery and Delivery tracks separately, and these happen concurrently and continuously. They should be extremely interconnected. But the key is that they are handled by the same team. 


Two tracks, not two teams. It’s happening all at once.

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