'I'm right'

Egos kill good Product management

It’s beyond HiPPOs. In fact, it’s much more simple. It’s about dealing with egos, not just from collages and peers, but also with our own egos as a Product person. 


The Product team is probably the division with the most human interactions within a company. We sail in a sea of opinions all day long. And that sea is always brave, full of big waves. It could be exhausting! Seeing it from perspective, it’s normal to get frustrated, lose control and behave a little egocentrically, isn’t it? 


The first step is to recognise it. We can be egocentric, sometimes. Say it aloud.


The second is to be aware of how counterproductive is to our role. If our work is to play an egos game, where are we adding the value? We became ‘one more’ instead of ‘the one’. 


The third and last is to find your ‘therapy’. It could be breathing before sending that Slack message or to talk the last in calls. It could be an end-of-day reflection or pre-simulate tough conversations. Just find what is calming you to keep you on the good side of the Product work.


Finally, please don’t feel guilty to have an ego. Ultimately, we have the big picture and little power (we are working on that), a dangerous formula. Some ego grades keep us healthier in our daily routines, just make sure that it’s balanced. 

Feeling better?

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