'Feeling comfortable with daily work'

Run away as fast as you can!

Are you feeling that you got all under control? Are you repeating the same product routines every day? Are you less and less challenged every day? When was the last time that you took a considerable risk? Is your motivation in freefall? 


All these are clear indications that you are in your comfort zone. Scary stuff, eh?

It’s time to run away outside of your comfort zone!


To do the step is all about feelings. First, get ready to fear. No more excuses, no more caring about what others think. It will bring higher anxiety levels but push it forward, very soon you will be in learning mode, as you deal with new challenges, at the same time that you are acquiring new skills. And what lies ahead is joy and self-realisation, as you find new purposes and aspirations on your growth path. 


Optimal performance levels come from embracing discomfort, constantly. It is applicable for all kinds of jobs but it is particularly a must in Product management, as we are the thinkers, inventors, and innovators of the company. 


Next week, challenge yourself, leaving the comfort zone behind.

Feeling better?

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